Today industrial rope access is the safest and most time and cost efficient method of working at height. It can be used wherever work at height is required: Structural Surveys, NDT, Constructions, Cleaning and maintenance, Confined space works, Towers and pylons, Wind turbines, High Bridges and all kinds of high structures, Geotechnical works (Rock anchorage, slope stabilization), Media and Entertainment (Rigging for stage, Lighting & sound).

All these are done with minimum costs, small number of personnel for shorter periods of time (meaning the number of man-risk hours is kept to minimum), with minimal disruption to the traffic or pedestrians.

IRATA is the only global industrial rope access association having member companies all over the world. IRATA had developed a set of rules and standards that resulted in an unrivalled safety record in industry.

The IRATA certificate is today becoming more and more an essential requirement for those who wish to employ in rope access.

IRATA companies rigorously record the incident statistics of their operations and supply this data to the Association. This data is then independently audited and then openly published. In fifteen years reporting, IRATA has recorded minimal serious injuries; its “reportable incident” rate reduces every year and is currently less than four per 100.000 hours worked. This is unrivalled in the industries in which IRATA operates and is a fundamental reason for the remarkable, ongoing growth in the Association. 

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